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Inspired by the beauty of spring


As spring awakens, nature flourishes to new life, igniting our love for vibrant colors along with it! Our gemstones pay tribute to the wonderful tones of the blossoms and invite you to be inspired by the natural beauty of the world. From vivid emerald green to delicate pearl lustre to vibrant ruby red - each piece of jewelry tells a story of energy and vitality. Discover the magic of spring with unique pieces of jewelry that bring you lightness and make you shine.

Emerald - Green like hope

Radiant, mysterious, enchanting and undeniably noble. The emerald immediately captivates with its intensely luminous color and has always been considered as a symbol of beauty. As one of the most precious gemstones, it embodies hope and harmony. The green-glowing emerald, believed to possess healing properties, bestows grace upon its wearer and is said to protect against negative influences.

Pearl - Timless brilliance

Pearls, mysterious treasures from beneath the ocean's depths evoke something enigmatic in us. This magnetism and fascination has left us spellbound for thousands of years and has resulted in the pearl being renowned as a talisman of fortune, purity, prosperity, and beauty.

Morganite - Delicate Romance

A resolute symbol of love and romance burnished in pink, the morganite is characterized by a delicate, translucent shine, which spares nothing in its ability to enchant. All those who possess the morganite are said to have been granted a deep serenity that affords an exceptional lightness of being.

Brown Diamond - In the sign of freedom

A brown diamond is meant to support and highlight its wearer's individuality. Jewelry embellished with brown diamonds should act as a constant reminder of one's independence, while also strengthening a sense of freedom. Like white diamonds, brown diamonds are also a symbol of love.