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Which shipping options are available at ANNA? I live outside the continental USA. Do you also ship internationally? How long will it take for my order to ship? How can I track my order? How are orders packed at ANNA? My order hasn’t arrived yet. What should I do? Is a receipt sent with the order?


Can I return or exchange an order? How do I return or exchange an online order? Can I return items purchased online at a physical ANNA location? What is the return/ exchange period? Will my credit card/ bank account be credited following a return? What are the terms and conditions of returning an item? Does my return require insurance? I’ve returned my order, but haven’t heard anything since - what shall I do?



How can I order an item? Can I pick up an online order at your physical ANNA location in New York? There was a mistake in my order that I had previously overlooked. What are my options? Can I have my online order gift-wrapped? Can I order an item that is sold out online? I can’t complete my order online - what should I do? How long do personalized items require? Can I reserve a product in one of your stores?

Payment Methods

Which payment methods are available?

Gift Cards

How can I purchase a gift card online? How can I redeem my gift card? How long are gift cards valid after a purchase?

Voucher Codes

How can I redeem a discount code?

Products & Quality

What materials are the products at ANNA made of? Are ANNA materials conflict-free? Where are the products fabricated? Are ANNA diamonds certified? How do I best care for my ANNA jewelry? Can I go into the water with my ANNA jewelry? What does "blackened" mean for some ANNA products? How can I measure my ring size? Are the stud earrings sold as a pair or individually?

Services & Specials

How and where can I have my bracelet changed? Can I have a band change done on a third-party product? Can I have more than one plate threaded onto a ribbon? My jewelry is broken. Can I have it repaired at ANNA? Can I have a third-party product repaired at ANNA? Can I have my jewelry cleaned at ANNA? Can I have a piece of jewelry engraved later? Can I have an engraving reversed? Can I have a "special engraving" done? Can I have any piece of jewelry engraved? Can I make my necklace longer? Can I have a pendant added to my necklace later? Can I enlarge or reduce the size of my ring? Can I have diamonds added to my ring later? Can I have a piece of jewelry that is not from ANNA redone at ANNA? Can I design a piece of jewelry myself and have it made at ANNA? Can I have my purchase gift wrapped? Can I have my purchase wrapped so the ANNA logo is not visible from the outside?


What are your business hours? Do I require an appointment if I want to visit an ANNA store? Can I make a personal appointment at an ANNA store? Where can I find the opening hours of each ANNA store? Can I also buy the ANNA dolls from the ANNA stores? Can I buy the pictures in the ANNA stores? What is the name of the artist who does the paintings in the ANNA stores? Can I have a band exchange done directly at an ANNA store? Is engraving done directly in the ANNA store? Can I have my jewelry cleaned directly at an ANNA store?