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Summer Care

Summer is here, finally! We here at ANNA are over the moon about the sunny days, beach bashes, and pool parties to come. The most stunning summer looks are hitting the boardwalks, sultry city streets, and cabanas quickly and we’ve gathered some of our favorite pieces of jewelry that will help that sun-kissed skin sparkle even more. Although there’s a lot of fun in the sun in store, summer brings along a few hiccups and possible mishaps for your jewelry. Strong sunlight, saltwater, chlorine, sunscreen, and sand all could play a significant role in diminishing the shine of your sparklies. So, we’ll tell you what you should pay special attention to when wearing jewelry this summer.

Firstly, don’t panic just yet! Sun, sand, and sea can’t harm your jewelry if you take the necessary precautions (exhale slowly). All ANNA jewelry is real jewelry and therefore, waterproof and resistant to a variety of naturally occurring phenomenon. ANNA jewelry is made of sturdy 925 sterling silver or 18 carat gold, so you needn’t fear any degradation of the metal itself, even in particularly strong sunlight. Even so, if you want a carefree summer, follow the instructions below.


Exposure to the sun's rays is not only a risk factor but a real danger for select gemstones. Pearls, turquoise, and emeralds should not be exposed to intense UV rays and excessive heat. Excessive temperatures can destroy the chemical composition of these precious gems, making them brittle. When it comes to white or tinted pearls, strong light can also change the color and cause significant damage. Other gemstones that are particularly sensitive to sun and heat are tanzanite, iolite, lapis lazuli, and zircon. When donning these beauties, it’s advisable to keep them out of direct sunlight, as you don’t want their lavish luster or texture fading.


UV protection is an absolute must for your skin! However, your jewelry is not in need of such protection. In fact, it could be harmful as it easily finds its way into the finer recesses of your jewelry. Sunscreen is exceedingly difficult to remove without professional help and the greasy nature of sunscreen quickly collects dirt and grime. This toxic combination of impurities dulls your jewelry and affords them a grubby, unkempt look. And as a little FYI: the buildup of deodorant and sweat produces similar, undesired effects. If you’d like to avoid regular, professional cleanings, follow these guidelines!

Now what is the beach without sand? Sure, it’s great for relaxing, volleyball, long walks, and a variety of other activities, but it isn’t conducive to health and vitality of your jewelry. As is the case with sunscreen, deodorant, and sweat, small grains of sand can work their way into the fine grooves of your jewelry, accumulating alongside the aforementioned undesirable elements. You should also keep tabs on your non-gemstone jewelry, as gold and silver are quite precious metals. If their surfaces come into contact with sand, its grainy texture can result in scratches.


When taking your jewelry for a dip, you should definitely ask yourself: gold or silver? Swimming with ANNA jewelry made of gold is nothing to worry about: no discoloration will occur. However, the salt in seawater and chlorine in swimming pools are a real challenge for your little treasures. Silver jewelry should always before removed be swimming. This is true despite the protective rhodium plating we provide to all our silver pieces. Discoloration can, and in many cases, will still occur. Gold jewelry can also lose its luster should it remain submerged in salt or chlorinated water for longer periods of time. So, if you hit the waves or take a dip, it’s best to rinse your gold jewelry briefly with tap water. Additionally, it’s best to leave your pearl, turquoise, and emerald jewelry safely at home when going for a swim, as both salt and chlorinated water can damage the surface of the gemstones. Another thing to keep in mind is that your fingers will narrow if you spend substantial time in saltwater. Be aware of loose-fitting rings before jumping in, as they tend to slip right off unnoticed.


Though vacation might be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating for you, your jewelry does not enjoy the same luxury! The above-mentioned natural elements and harmful agents should encourage you to clean your jewelry after any getaway, just to keep your beauties vivacious and pure. Visit us at any ANNA location for a professional cleaning and give your treasures a little getaway of their own. With our tips and tricks, there’s nothing standing in the way of your summer, your way, with your jewelry in tow! Inspire yourself with select summer items and make some amazing memories!

Love, your ANNA Team 💛