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Special-Event: München - ANNA x The Uranian Approach


LET'S PLAY WITH THE STARS – has gone into its second round! Running with this theme, our ZODIAC event took place, this time on October 5, 2023, in Munich after a stop in Vienna in June. ANNA, in collaboration with The Uranian Approach, welcomed exclusive members of the ANNAVERSE to our ANNA Store MUNICH Sebastiansplatz. With astrologer Berit Freutel attending all the way from L.A., the event was certainly a special experience.

After a round of pleasantries and an introduction of ANNA our designer and Berit the astrologer, guests received a personal ASTRO-READING complete with Birth Chart, helping the guests uncover their unique astrological signature.

The so-called ‘BIG-3’, the SUN, MOON, and RISING comprise a large portion of one’s personality and offer a valuable understanding of oneself. This, of course, played a large part in exploring and unearthing each of our guest's astrological profile.

In addition to the exciting astrological evaluations, guests were also treated to a new selection of jewelry and lifestyle products. The evening focused primarily on customizable pieces of the “BIG 3” ZODIAC Collection, dedicated to the unique attributes of each sign.

Each ZODIAC pendant features a sparkling amalgamation of the SUN on the front side and a custom engraved MOON and RISING SIGN on the rear side of the piece. A MOON sign symbolizes the private and emotional ‘I’, a persona typically revealed to a select few, while the the RISING SIGN or also known as the ASCENDANT represents the external characteristics that are immediately perceived by those around us.

A warm, heartfelt thanks goes out to Berit, as she made the long journey from Los Angeles to provide our guests with an extra special experience. Together, ANNA and Berit have breathed life into this exceptional collection, creating individual symbols and the coveted 'BIG 3' card set. Our collaboration has enabled us to pluck the stars from the sky in the form of ANNA ZODIAC jewelry.

An additional thanks to everyone who attended and for helping us host a successful evening, one where we shared our joy and became all the richer with some invaluable personal insights!

Your ANNA Team x The Uranian Approach