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2023 - The Year of the Rabbit! The year of the rabbit is upon us! On January 22, 2023 the elegant, attentive, gentle, and confident nature of this admirable creature is something to be celebrated! A stalwart symbol of peace, hope, harmony, and prosperity, the year of the rabbit promises to share with us some severely needed qualities after the turbulent nature of 2022. This year represents a particularly auspicious version of the Chinese zodiac sign, the black water rabbit, known for its aura of confidence and brings with it a time of liberation and triumph. Its primary element, water, provides us with both serenity and flexibility. 2023 is sure to be a wonderful year to find purpose in your life and achieve your dreams.
Diamond cut
Diamond Color
Diamond Clarity
10mm / 0.93in
Band length
Chain length
Length adjustable
Maximum length
Minimum length

Made in Vienna - this product was made in our own workshop in the heart of vienna

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