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The art of the unforgettable moment

"Will you marry me?" - The perfect proposal is the dream of countless lovers, yet what does it truly entail?

A proposal is much more than a simple question - it marks the beginning of a lifelong journey for two souls and an unforgettable moment that will forever be remembered. From choosing the venue to selecting the perfect ring - every aspect of this moment deserves careful consideration to make it a unique and meaningful experience.

Yet, how can one ensure that this moment truly honors the significance of beginning your journey together? Delve into the advice provided by our designer Anna for an unforgettable proposal and gain insight into some of our clients' aspirations on what they envision for an ideal engagement.

How can you create the perfect proposal?

ANNA: Crafting the perfect proposal involves engaging all the senses to create an unforgettable experience. Memories tied to scents have a lasting impact as they have the power to evoke strong emotions related to the event even many years later - so consider wearing your favorite perfume or setting the mood with a scented candle. Music can also play an important role, whether it's playing your favorite song or having a live musician accompany you.

Preparation is key! Make sure you're well-prepared for the proposal, both mentally and practically. Think about what you want to say, and perhaps consider preparing a heartfelt poem or song lyrics. Ensure that your partner is also prepared for this special moment and feels comfortable.

What's the ideal setting?

ANNA: Make sure the location is special and holds sentimental value for you both as a couple. It doesn't always have to be an exotic destination – a place with a breathtaking view or a unique ambiance is enough. Choose a setting that sets the stage for this enchanting moment. It could be a romantic park, an idyllic lake or even the comfort of your own home – the key is that it feels right for both of you and that you have beautiful memories associated with it.

How can you prepare for the proposal?

ANNA: Take the time to emotionally prepare yourself for the proposal as well. Reflect on why you want to take this step and what your partner means to you. If it fits both of your personalities, consider setting up a camera to capture this extraordinary moment, allowing you to revisit it time and again.

How do you find the perfect engagement ring for this moment?

ANNA: The key is to select a ring that aligns with your love story. Choose a ring that reflects the personality of your partner and will serve as a timeless reminder of this special moment. Consider their style and preferences. Perhaps you can discreetly consult with their closest friend to gather any hints or desires that they may have expressed. If possible, find out the correct ring size to ensure the ring fits perfectly. Seek advice from our experts and find or design a one-of-a-kind ring that truly speaks from the heart

Every proposal is deeply personal and should be shaped by love, respect and appreciation - thus, "perfect" means something different to everyone. With the right preparations and a touch of creativity, this moment can evolve into an unforgettable experience cherished by both forever. Here are some ideas of how some of our clients envision their perfect proposal.


"I dream of a simple and elegant proposal in a place that connects us with positive memories. The Côte d'Azur immediately comes to my mind. An unexpected, yet somehow anticipated, proposal during a stroll by the sea would be absolutely perfect!"


"I want the proposal to be in Paris, on a beautiful summer morning, as we enjoy breakfast in bathrobes on a small balcony, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It's important to me that my closest friends are in the loop about this plan, ensuring that my future fiancé is aware of my wishes ;)"


"The perfect marriage proposal for me would be in our favorite park, during a relaxed picnic on a sunny day. I imagine flowers blooming around us, us laughing together, and enjoying ourselves. I long for such a moment that is simple yet deeply meaningful.“


"It's important to me that the marriage proposal is private and intimate, just between the two of us. The most beautiful scenario would be after a day filled with laughter and without any arguments :) A shared dinner, perhaps even outdoors under the twinkling stars, would be the perfect moment to pop the question."

LOTS OF LOVE! Your ANNA & the team 🤍