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Celebrate World Women's Day with ANNA

March 8th signifies more than a mere date on the calendar – it's a symbol of strength, resistance and progress for women worldwide. International Women's Day reminds us to honor the courageous women who laid the groundwork for the achievements we benefit from today. It's a day of female empowerment that encourages us to amplify women's voices, acknowledge their successes and celebrate women around the world.

But what exactly does World Women's Day signify and why is it celebrated on March 8th?

International Women's Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th!

This day symbolizes the pursuit of female empowerment and the promotion of women's rights globally. Initially established by a women's movement in the USA in 1908, it was later globally adopted during an international conference led by the socialist Clara Zetkin in 1910. March 8th became the chosen date to advocate for equality and combat inequalities on a global scale.

How is International Women's Day celebrated these days?

International Women's Day is celebrated in numerous ways and varies depending on the region, culture and tradition. Some countries hold rallies and events to raise awareness of women's rights and advocate for equality. However, in many parts of the world, the day is also marked by special gestures aimed at expressing appreciation and acknowledging the contributions of women.

Is it common to give gifts on World Women's Day?

International Women's Day presents a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the women who play significant roles in our lives. From classic gestures like flowers and chocolates to personally selected jewelry pieces, there are numerous ways to show appreciation and recognition. Many use this day to honor special women in their lives – whether it's their mothers, daughters, partners, friends or colleagues. These gifts are not only an expression of gratitude, respect and support but also highlight the importance of these women in our lives.

Who are the most important women in your life and to whom will you show your admiration on this special day? Let them know how much they mean to you 🤍!

HAPPY WORLD WOMEN'S DAY! Your ANNA & her team of gorgeous women 🤍