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Band Change

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Quick Overview

Note: this wristband change is only available for the standard wristband. For other band changes (eg SEASIDE, BEL AIR) please choose the specific options for those products. 
Immediate change
If you order a wristband from us and wish to change the color of the wristband, you can still change the color before we ship your order out. 
Wristband change for my own wristband
You already own a wristband, but want a newer, fresher look? You can send us your wristband upon purchase of a wristband change.
Gift Card 
Our wristband change gift card makes a great gift to give someone a little piece of joy.

Further information regarding the exact procedure of a wristband change can be found on our support page. 

Note: The costs for a wristband change in the case of a return or exchange cannot be refunded (Exemptions to the right of withdrawal).
Price: $ 5.00
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