ANNA Necklace MALIBU in various colors in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls

ANNA Necklace MALIBU in various colors in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls

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Sunny warm feelings packed in a necklace. An interplay between knots and rare pearls, different in all aspects, however, combined as a great compound piece. Each knot represents a wish, with the pearls ensuring that these wishes are fulfilled. Malibu is available in different colors and is the crowning glory of your neck.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls

Es wird bunt. Es wird strahlen. Es wird hot.
Ein magischer Sommer voller Türkise, Perlen und bunten Bändern. Mehr Einzigartigkeit. Mehr Alternativen. Mehr Individualität. Ein Sommer voller strahlender Überraschungen. Schmuckstücke als gute Laune Überbringer, welche durch ihre Schlichtheit elegante Akzente setzen. Ob im Set oder einzeln getragen, die feinen Ketten und Armbänder sind perfekt zum Layern, fühlen sich aber auch alleine getragen auf Deiner Haut wohl. Perfekte Looks für edle Sommerstylings.


You have chosen a uniquely beautiful and timeless product. In order for you to enjoy your product for a long time, we suggest the following:

- Protect your pearls from all kinds of cosmetic and chemical products such as deodorants, perfume, hand cream, chlorine, cleaning stuff, etc.
- Pearls should be also protected against excessive heat, such as too much sun exposure, or else they will become opaque.
- Pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry, for example in a cloth bag, in order to avoid damages.

We hope you enjoy your pearls!

ANNA Necklace MALIBU in Turquoise in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls   +$420.00

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