ANNA Ankle Chain LENOX in 18 KT Rose Gold

ANNA Ankle Chain LENOX in 18 KT Rose Gold


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We take "styled from head to toe" seriously, and you should as well! LENOX puts you always in the right spotlight! Worn around your ankle, the sparkling square link chain rounds off your outfit and sets impressive accents. For a complete look, check out our other Lenox pieces.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold

It's about to get colorful, bright, and hot.
A magical summer, full of turquoise beads, pearls and colorful bands. More uniqueness. More alternatives. More individuality and bright surprises. Jewelry as good mood bearers, setting elegant accents through their simplicity. Whether worn as a set or individually, the fine chains and bracelets are perfect for layering, but also feel comfortable on your skin when worn alone. Perfect looks for a classy summer styling.