ANNA Wristband KELLY 2.0 in 18 KT Rose Gold with Green Pyrits

ANNA Wristband KELLY 2.0 in 18 KT Rose Gold with Green Pyrits


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Our Kelly consists of green pyrites and a rose gold clasp. The pyrite dissolves through its metallic properties blockages and freed from fears. He supports in confrontation or lack of ideas, strength of memory and gives new hope. Two is better than one - combine it with our matching "Kelly" necklace.

Reflection and awareness.
Pyrites are often used to gain self-knowledge by making you reflect upon your inner-self. It helps you to become aware of your weaknesses, downsides, and memories. A mirror in which you can see yourself anew. The pyrite gives its wearer courage and confidence to steer life in a new direction.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with Green Pyrits
Total Length: 17 cm - adjustable with 2 cm Chain

The sign in the clouds.
Warm feelings of peace and harmony. The iridescent color of our RAINBOW collection creates deep feelings. It is a symbol of colorfulness and diversity, reminding us that we shine in all colors of the light spectrum and form a whole all together. Just as the rainbow combines sun and rain, the jewelery of this collection combines high-quality gold with colored and healing precious stones.