ANNA Ear Stud ANNA B C  in 18 KT Rose Gold

ANNA Ear Stud ANNA B C in 18 KT Rose Gold


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This product was designed and made in Vienna.
Material: 18 ct. Rose Gold
Pendant Size: 5mm / 0,2'' (varies by letter)
sold individually

Here you can select your own initials or the ones of a loved person in order to create earrings. There is also the possibility to start with a single earring and to complete the pair later. The letters can be worn in combination with other earrings. For those who have more than two ear piercings – stack up your earrings.

Effortless elegance
The pure designs from our BASIC collection have an effortless chic air to them. Their simple elegance will match any outfit and can be used as underlying pieces to accentuate other beautiful pieces, especially those ornamented with diamonds.