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Description & Details
ANNA is committed to taking any table and turning it into a magnificent tapestry. Placemats play an integral role in bringing this whole arrangement together and so our signature ANNA pattern with its fine sheen and alluring motif ensures your placemats made of premium Leitner Leinen linen will pop at the table. Woven from superior half linen and boasting a 1cm ajour hem, your placemats will definitely make a strong impression. Our placemat additionally complements the ANNA tableau perfectly as an inlay.
Care instructions

Correct care for your ANNA x Leitner linen products:

  • Refrain from putting linen and cotton in the washing machine while folded
  • Only fill the washing machine with a few additional items and use detergent sparingly
  • Linen and cotton are best washed at 40°C and on a low spin cycle
  • Stains should be treated while they are still fresh
  • Linen is best ironed while damp
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