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Eau de Parfum BLUSH

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ANNA BLUSH Eau de Parfum is girly, lovely and carefree. The berry fragrance envelops you with a combination of sandalwood, amber, blueberry, white musk and exhilarated with an extra touch of peony. Stimulating and aphrodisiacal. Not a sweet fragrance, but a playful melody that lures out your inner, dreamy girl.

Smell and feeling in symbiosis: BLUSH emphasizes your young, feminine side and the floral, berry freshness is the matching puzzle piece to the sensual and masculine ANNA GREY fragrance. Together, you create a balance of both characteristics: girly elegance, which carries you through the day with ease; and strong willpower with an impulsive temperament, which gives you the necessary strength and security. Depending how you feel, you can give yourself a dosage more of one out of the two. If you want to be more feminine, spray BLUSH more intensively. If the more masculine side wishes to be expressed and you want to take your „man“ with you for the rest of the day, you'll be wearing more of ANNA GREY.

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