The native Belarusian Anna does not only share a name with her jewellery brand, she is also its centerpiece. With her inexhaustible creativity, great attention to detail and will for perfectionism, she created her own ANNAversum within a very short amount of time. After years of working with luxury products as well as her experience with interior design, Anna decided to open up her own jewellery store within Vienna in 2009. Meanwhile, she leads four stores in Europe and one in the USA. Her work is guided by positive thoughts. A wonderful strength that can be found in her stores and in every single piece of her jewellery.

No matter whether it’s in Vienna, Munich, London or New-York City: whoever went to one of the ANNA stores will never forget it afterwards. Despite a unified store concept, each location shines through its individual character thanks to unique pieces of furniture and details. The showcases that are changed on a regular basis count as the most beautiful ones of the city. The famous ANNA dolls wear handmade tutu-dresses and underline the cheerful yet elegant spirit of the brand. The look of the ANNA girls is also renowned: simple uniforms, romantic braids, red lips and always a smile.
Anna Inspiring Jewellery.

ANNA Inspiring Jewellery is made with a lot of love in the Viennese workshop. Highest quality and valuable materials occupy centre stage here. But there is something else that makes the pieces endlessly precious: messages of love, happiness, hope and strength that are expressed through the form of the jewellery or an engraving. In order to make these messages even more clear, some pieces can be personalized. And for all those who want even more happy feelings, ANNA Inspiring Jewellery also offers changing lifestyle products such as ANNA bags and a very own ANNA perfume.
Anna Haute Jewellery.

The drafts for the unique and customized pieces by ANNA Haute Jewllery come to life through artful handwork in Vienna. Unique diamonds, pearls and precious stones exclusively are used. A lot of attention is given to the changes between matte and smooth surfaces, diamond’s facets and a special technique that gives jewellery an antique look. Anna gets inspired for those extraordinary pieces by the unique charme of her city of the heart, Vienna, and her unbreakable faith in the strength of happiness. The exclusive pieces of ANNA Haute Jewellery are displayed in the store at Kohlmarkt in Vienna as well as in New York City.

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