You want to be creative and make your own armbands and necklaces? You can find what you're looking for right here. Step by step, you can choose the material, the form, the engraving, the style of writing, and a symbol. At the end of the process, you can choose to add a wishing knot as an add-on. The Lucky Knot symbolizes the wish that the wearer of the jewelry wishes for upon putting it on. When this knot falls off, it means that the wish will be fulfilled. The knot helps you to keep believing in your wish. 

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Our magical pendants will complete many of your everyday ANNA accompaniments. In the „Collect Your Pendant“ section, you have the possibility of going all out and designing your very own individual creation with our necklaces. If you like it more modest and unobtrusive, we offer the 26 letters of the alphabet as well as other simpler pendants without diamonds for your necklace. If you don’t mind a bit of sparkle, you are guaranteed to find something for you in our diamond pendant assortment.

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Quotes, symbols, or unforgettable moments: our bangles offer enough space to let your fantasies run free. You want to get something engraved that’s only meant for you or a loved one? The backside is ideal for secret and intimate messages. The completion time of bangles takes 6 workdays. Please take into consideration that the general shipping times must be taken into account.

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