The special thing about ANNA?

The personality of the customers can and should flow into the designs. The fact that you have the opportunity to personalise your products and adapt them to your own wishes enables a firm connection between you and ANNA.

We are offering free engravings for all products purchased online, via e-mail or phone.

Whether rings, bracelets, earrings... Make your jewelry into very special unique pieces in which your entire self is hidden. Personal messages, memories of special moments and experiences. This is ANNA!

If you would like to buy our personalized jewelry, send us an e-mail at or call us +1 (917) 828-6990



Design your Jewellery



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Enjoy your jewellery



Find your message, your symbol or your date that you want to carry with you every day, over and over again, or find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Have your message engraved on one of our plates. You can choose between different shapes and the materials 925 sterling silver and 18 KT rose gold or white gold. Engrave the front or back with letters, numbers and dates or small symbols. Let your creativity flow. At the end you can choose between one of our 25 band colours or a matching bracelet or necklace. You decide how your piece of jewellery should look in ANNA design.


Valuable moments, special occasions, hurdles that we have mastered in life. These are all moments that we want to capture. We want to collect them, carry them with us and bring them out, if we want to put ourselves back into this situation and into this feeling. Collect these special memories with Collect your Pendants. A fine necklace made of 925 sterling silver, 18 KT rosegold or white gold, can be designed with various pendants of your choice. Whether letters or small symbols, with or without diamonds. So that you always carry your treasures with you.



Pure elegance. The ANNA Bangle is above all with a personal engraving a companion with great importance, whether in 925 sterling silver or in 18 KT rose gold or white gold. Whether inside or outside, let your creativity flow and engrave your very own message, names, dates or symbols.


Alphabet soup.
Oh, how we loved them children! Today, we spell our current favourite words, nicknames or in jokes with precious ABC jewellery in rose gold and white gold with or without bling effect! Do you consider our necklace with letters as expressive and cool as we do? Then you are at the right place! We offer a wide variety and you’ll be spoilt for choices with our different symbols (with or without diamonds), various necklaces and, of course, our beloved alphabet soup. 26 letters – endless possibilities! Wether ear studs, a pendant for your ANNA bracelet or a single letter on your neck – give yourself your due spark!



With our band change vouchers you can switch out the colors of your ANNA wristband with a new, exiting color. We will hand polish the bands pendant and change the band to the string color that you prefer. If you want to make a special someone happy, our wristband change gift card makes a great gift. Give someone a little piece of joy!

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