Four directions, one way

The summer is hot, the jewelry even hotter. Soft summer colors, suntanned skin and sparkling diamonds are all we need to get through the hot days. Radiant rings on each finger are our favorite accessory when we can no longer tolerate clothing on the skin.

Crown the most important people in your life

At ANNA, and also in different religious orientations of past times, the fingers on your hand have a very special meaning: Each one is assigned an important person in your life. The thumb represents your parents who are responsible for your being. The index finger symbolizes your siblings and those who are close to you in your life. The middle finger is your own self, your own personality. The ring finger stands for your partner and the love of your life. The little finger is the finger for your children. We like to crown each of these particularly important personalities with a ring, such as the Ida ring in rose gold, white gold or with a black finish.

The Ida Ring

Four directions, one way. The series of crosses made up of a total of 60 white diamonds symbolize a journey that is as multifaceted as its 0.32 carat luminosity. The ring is your companion and illuminates the four cardinal points day by day.