ANNA Bag MONDAY in 100% Cotton

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With our Monday-Bag, you will always be ready and prepared for new adventures. 
As big as a hand luggage suitcase, as light as a butterfly. A happy-face that lifts our spirits, brings us through every Monday-blues and also accompanies us through the weekend. Quickly stuff in your gym wear,  
pack in groceries for the gourmet dinner after a long day at work or ready at all times for a spontaneous sleepover at your best friend’s or at your boyfriend’s. 
Our Monday-Bag made in Vienna out of 100% cotton is your personal do-it-all. 
In order to keep her superpowers, your Monday-Bag requires a lot of love and care: If necessary, offer her a spa journey at the laundry. 
Material: 100% cotton
Colour: Green 
Measurements: 57 x 30 x 9cm (W x H x D)
Equipment: 1 external pocket, 1 internal pocket, zipper with band
Please do not put it in your washing machine or dryer. 
Price: $ 220.00
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