Anna Haute Jewelery exudes exclusivity, extravagance and uniqueness. This jewellery line of ANNA consits of unique items and also special customer requests are realized with creative influences from Anna herself. In our Viennese workshop, the designs and ideas are brought to life through high-quality manual work. Made by hand. Unique diamonds, shimmering pearls and mysterious gemstones are part of the recipe. Selected pieces are available in our ANNA stores on Kohlmarkt, New York and London.

Do you have a special piece of jewellery at home or an heirloom that is not worn? Give them a new life and a new soul with the help of ANNA. Even a small transformation can change everything. Come by for a personal consultation and discuss your reworking with us. You are also welcome to arrange a personal appointment with ANNA to implement your own ideas and wishes. If you have any questions about orders, availability, etc. please contact our Telesales staff at +800 9366 2000 or our support service at



in 18 ct. White Gold with White Rosecut Diamonds 0.36 ct. and Green Tourmalines 6.78 ct.

The most beautiful and precious treasures of this earth, united in a pair of earrings. The Green Tourmaline and 0.36 KT diamonds play together well and create a sparkle that leaves an impression. The Maltese Cross, a symbol of the virtues of wisdom, justice, valor and moderation, stands above the soothing effect of tourmaline. These earrings transmit the beauty and powers of this world to the wearer.



in 18 ct. White Gold Black rhodinated

The Rubilite is the Red Tourmaline. The fiery red, in which this stone shines, awakens the inner power in you. This gem opens you to the world and makes you sensitive to your environment. A lucky charm that is reinforced by the plus symbol. The circles symbolize the earth with all its qualities and all its power.



in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Diamonds and Tourmaline

The green tourmaline has the quality of calming you and making you more open to your environment and your fellow human beings. The dragonfly is a symbol of vitality, courage, prosperity and happiness. Be open to the world and you will get positivity back. These meaningful earrings are more than just sparkling gems. The exceptionally green color is underlined by the finest diamonds and gives the dragonfly a very special shine.



in 18 ct. Rose Gold with 129 Black Diamonds 0.58 ct.

Six black sparkling stars. With the shooting star earrings your appearance is complete. Whether at a party, a ball or a special dinner. Black diamonds in the shape of stars, dance with you through the starry night and turns it into something very special.



in 18 ct. White Gold with White Diamonds with Black Inclusions 31.7 ct.

Try it out and you'll discover where to go ... a subtle hint. A necklace, as special as the stones that make it up and as unique as the wearer herself. Spectacular 31.7 ct. white diamonds with black inclusions are for the 



in 18 ct. Rose Gold with Black Diamonds approx. 9.33 ct.

Fiery, exciting and spirited. The curves of a woman, wrapped in delicate black silk. You can not say no. Just like with these special and unique earrings. Black diamonds set in rose gold are powerful and expressive. Say yes to this passionate adventure!



in 18 KT Rose Gold black rhodinated with Black Diamonds approx 28 ct.

50cm of black rhodium-plated rose gold and 28 KT black diamonds make up this stunning necklace that adds a special touch to any look. Simple yet with a long-lasting impression.



in 18 ct. White Gold with 10 White Diamonds 0.14 ct.

A touch of youthfulness comes from this interplay of pink topaz and sparkling white diamonds. This ring from the ANNA Haute family is playful yet so perfect and majestic. An appearance with this gem leaves leaves an impression behind!



in 18 ct. Rose Gold black rhodinated with Black Diamonds

High-quality rose gold, wrapped in a coat of deep and noble black, lays around the neck and convinces with a unique shine and a filigree elegance. With this necklace the little black dress is transformed into an enchanting and unique firework, which draws everyone under a spell.



in 18 ct. White Gold with White Diamonds

One of the favorites of ANNA herself. This ring is made of white diamonds and 18 ct. white gold and handcrafted with finest precision. The plus increases the liveliness of the ring. Alone, or in combination with other rings.



in 18 ct. Rose Gold with White Diamonds

The four-leaf clover is the symbol of this beautiful piece in rose gold and white diamonds. Health, love, wealth and fame are the attributes of the four individual shamrocks that bring happiness to the wearer as a whole. In each of the earrings six of these lucky charms are hidden. These beauties are complemented by a plus that reinforces the power of the symbols and the beauty of these earrings. Impressive pieces of jewelry that carry the good in life in all its facets.



in 18 ct. White Gold with White Diamonds 0.54 ct. Aquamarin 24.61 ct.

Snowflakes softly fall on the ground and create a sea of snow and ice. The aquamarine surrounded by the finest white diamonds, is the snow queen amongst the ANNA Haute rings. It convinces with a sparkle as clear as frozen water, on which the sun breaks and the light is distributed in all directions.