Dressed to impress!


The royal symbol of the bee, the majestic coat of arms. The finest rose gold, shining silver and the all-seeing eye "Eye See You" make the new collection and decorate the most beautiful shop windows in the world in the dandy look. Perfection is set new standards.

The dandy look for women has become popular through style icons from the past. One of the first to wear men's trousers was no one other than Gabrielle Chanel. A tie, riding pants and tweet jackets belonged to her wardrobe and replaced the corset and big, heavy hats. Another icon known for her style to this day is Marlene Dietrich. Even a pair of pants is named after her to this day.



The dandy look is about much more than a derby hat and a tie. Dandyism is a way of life, an appearance. An always well-dressed man who takes great care with his clothing and general appearance, especially one who is nonchalant in demeanor. A dandy is always a gentleman. It is a man, that is unduly devoted to style, neatness and fashion. To dress is one of his most important tasks in life. Today it is not just the men who are all about perfect clothing.

"A Dandy is a clothes-wearing man, a man whose trade, office and existence consists in the wearing of clothes. Every faculty of his soul, spirit, purse and person is heroically consecrated to this one object, the wearing of clothes wisely and well: so that others dress to live, he lives to dress."- Thomas Carlyle in Sartor Resartus, 1834