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Munich celebrates an unforgettable evening in its new store.

In the dazzling city of Munich, renowned for its art, culture, and culinary delights, a truly special street emerges. It is a place considered the undisputed epitome of luxury and elegance – Maximilianstraße. This luxurious boulevard is the exclusive stage for globally acclaimed brands, embodying the taste, style, and fashion consciousness of the discerning Munich residents.

Right here, amidst the glamorous scene, stands one of our beloved ANNA Stores, recently reopened in December 2023 after a successful renovation. The ANNA Store MUNICH Maximilianstraße.

After many long weeks of renovation, the store shines in new splendor and offers even more space – more room for beautiful things. With the expanded area, we are seizing the opportunity to enhance our assortment of sparkling jewelry and accessories directly on-site while additionally offering exclusive products available only at this store. Our goal is to showcase the unique product diversity allotted to our new presentation area and create a space that fulfills all the wishes of our customers.

In our new ANNA Store MUNICH Maximilianstraße, you will now find the largest selection of ANNA FINE JEWELLERY pieces, unique accessories, including handmade Vienna bags, and high-quality fashion pieces – all crafted in the finest quality and bearing ANNA's unique creative signature. This store features an elegant fitting room to make the process of choosing the right ANNA garment much easier. Additionally, exclusive ANNA HAUTE JEWELLRY pieces are available only in this store and await your keen eye.

The Concept

The store concept is an elegant interplay of familiar design and many distinctive details that make this new store truly something to behold. Our new and exclusive VIP area for personalized consultations provides a totally unique shopping experience. Each piece of furniture and every single design element has been carefully chosen to meet our aesthetic standards and create an atmosphere embodying the unique ANNA spirit. Each picture was personally selected by ANNA, some brought back from her travels and intended exclusively for this store. What's more is, all the images on our wall can be purchased directly on-site. ANNA's most treasured highlight is perhaps an old vintage suitcase she discovered at a flea market in St. Tropez, immediately earmarked for the new store.

The store opening in Munich was undoubtedly a memorable event. It not only marked the inauguration of a new shopping destination but also showcased the vibrant soul of the city. Our new store is not just a place to shop but a space for gatherings, inspiration, and enjoyment for the people of Munich and their visitors. Munich has once again proven to have a unique community that celebrates life in all its facets.

A big thank you to the on-site ANNA team, who gave a concerted effort on this special evening, as always, and contributed to the success of the reopening in the days leading up to it. You are simply amazing!

Your's ANNA & Team from Munich 🤍