We do not have to hide anymore. Show your merits and let your weaknesses become your strengths. Black spinels, blackened chains and muted colors strengthen you and your character. The black, strong sparkling stones encourage you to achieve everything in life.

Black - Hardly any other color has such a strong expressiveness: it stands for self-confidence and elegance. But also for the unknown and the threatening. Be the light in all the darkness. Nothing can happen to you. Keep an eye on your goals and do not allow yourself to be influenced by dark shadows or negative energies. You dominate!


The colorful time is over and in fall 2018 Nude nuances, gray and black are announced again. Not only with our outfits, also the accessories may be worn in the deepest black. Our new favorite pieces of jewelry fit perfectly with the "all black everything" look. The blackened Jaden, Gabriella as a chocker and as a bracelet, Rio in black and many more beautiful pieces of jewelry. Of course, you can also bring your shiny silver or white gold jewelry from ANNA to us and we will blacken it for you.

Hardly any other color makes the diamonds and the silver and rose gold shine so bright, just like you. Shine along and wear black.