Our Studio
Surrounded by historic buildings, luxurious shops and lively museums, our in-house workshop is located right in the heart of Vienna. Our, goldsmith team, manned by 8 people, works sustainably and responsibly: Certified gold and fair diamonds, whose conflict-free origin is guaranteed. Above all, we focus on short material and transport routes to ensure sustainability. The life cycle of our products is very important to us.
Our goldsmiths use rhodium, fixate diamonds and make everything starting from design and samples all the way to the final product by hand. Thus, new ideas, changes and proposals can be implemented immediately and every aspect of the jewelry can be considered. The direct contact with the productions department enables better control over the processing and problems are solved promptly.
Your wishes and ideas can be implemented quickly and with high precision thanks to our hard-working team: Personalized products are manufactured directly in Vienna and New York. Our duty is to create and preserve valuable craftsmanship.

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