ANNA Wristband YOU'RE THE BEST in 925 Sterling Silver


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In case you forget how great and valuable you are, this piece of jewelry is a daily reminder. “You're the best" - you are unique. No one is you and that's your superpower.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Choose the length of your new band

Choose the color of your new band
Standard color is included in the price, change to other colors at extra cost.
The costs for a band change in the case of return or exchange cannot be reimbursed (Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal).

The Wish Knot symbolizes the wish that the wearer has when he/she puts on the Wristband. If this knot falls off one day, the wish will come true. The knot will help to preserve the belief in the wish.

Choose the color of your Wish Knot

  • Blue - +$2.00
  • Green - +$2.00
  • Light Pink - +$2.00
  • Red - +$2.00