ANNA Wristband YOU'RE THE BEST in 18 KT Rose Gold


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In case you forget how great and valuable you are, this piece of jewelry is a daily reminder. “You're the best" - you are unique. No one is you and that's your superpower.
Material: 18 KT Rose Gold

The Wish Knot is used to maintain your positive energy along with your wish - even to reinforce it. Note: The costs in the case of return or exchange cannot be reimbursed (Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal).

  • Blue - +$2.00
  • Green - +$2.00
  • Red - +$2.00
  • Rosé - +$2.00

Choose the length of your band (included in price)

The costs for a wristband change in the case of a return or exchange cannot be refunded (Exemptions to the right of withdrawal).