ANNA Wristband GRACE 2.0 in 18 KT Rose Gold with Black Spinel Crystals


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Oh, holy Grace! Agility , beauty , decency , dignity and elegance are other perfect words to describe our Grace . By means of her black spinel crystals , Grace can express her beauty. Even by night you can see her sparkling. If you want more sparkle in your life , combine your bracelet with the matching necklace.

Soul stone.
As a protection stone for the soul, the Spinel gives you courage, cheers you up and promotes a confident attitude in life. It reduces stress and anxiety and makes changes easier. The gemstone has a very positive influence on the mood and vitality of its wearer. It makes you optimistic and helps you by reducing fears and worries.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with Black Spinel Crystals
Bead Diameter: 2 mm
Total Length: 17 cm - adjustable with 2 cm Chain

The sign in the clouds.
Warm feelings of peace and harmony. The iridescent color of our RAINBOW collection creates deep feelings. It is a symbol of colorfulness and diversity, reminding us that we shine in all colors of the light spectrum and form a whole all together. Just as the rainbow combines sun and rain, the jewelery of this collection combines high-quality gold with colored and healing precious stones.