ANNA Single Earring MARA 20mm in 18 KT Rose Gold


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MARA'S big sister. Simple, practical, good! With a diameter of 20 mm, this creole is the largest of all MARA earrings. Due to their simple shape, it is easy to combine them with different pendants. Create new looks every day. Any combination is possible. Choose MARA MINI or MIDI for the second and third earholes, MARA 20 mm for the first. These subtle yet expressive pieces of gold accompany you through everyday life.

This earring is sold individually.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold

This earring is sold individually.

Good as it is
Elegant straightforwardness characterizes the LINE collection, whose unique pieces carry a hint of surprise within. Fine rose and white gold along with high quality diamonds highlight the exclusivity of these rings, earrings, and bangles.