ANNA Ring SERENA in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Diamonds approx. 0.52 ct.


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The rose-cut diamond

Precious, antique and filled with history. The rose-cut diamond sparkles in 24 facets. The peculiarity with these pieces of jewelry, is the workmanship - being one of the oldest types of cutting diamonds makes the sparkle special. Queen Victoria already wore a crown full with rose-cut diamonds. The romantic, subtle shine is extraordinary and every diamond is unique in its own way - never the same. In order to get the full effect of the diamond, only a minimal amount of the stone needs to be cut in this special way. It is created according to its original form. Little effort, big performance.

Serena, every ring is special and unique

Each one of our Serena rings are individual pieces. A form that stands alone - unique. Each ring has its own serial number, which is finely engraved on the inside. The stone is set in rose gold prongs with small brilliants. Feel royal and let these special rings wrap you around your finger.

The antique rose-cut is "IN"

It existed about 500 years ago. But for a few years, the rose-cut diamond has been revived as an engagement ring. Actors, singers and other celebrities now wear it as an engagement ring, a symbol of eternal love.

We are sure that this beautiful stone sparkles in your eyes and a great enthusiasm for this diamond with history.
Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with White Diamonds approx. 0.52 ct.

Striking seduction.
Roses stand for elegance and refinement. With these characteristics, our ROSE collection really stands out. The special cut used on the designs of this collection will enchant you with the many ways it sparkles in the light. A clear expression of admiration for the wearer, the woman whose charisma fills every room.