ANNA Ring DONUT ALL AROUND in 18 KT White Gold Black Rhodium with ca. 380 White Diamonds 0.94 ct.


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Material: 18 kt. White Gold Black Rhodium with approx. 380 White Diamonds 0.94 ct. (The exact amount of diamonds and carats varies according to the size of the ring.)

Graceful completion.
ANNA Inspiring Jewellery’s Donut collection is perfect for the moments when one’s jewellery should be a little conspicuous and exquisite. Gemmed on all sides with precious diamonds, the rings, earrings and pendant from this collection are guaranteed eye catchers, no matter the viewer’s perspective.

Black rhodium plated pieces of jewelry have the characteristic of getting a „used“ look as time passes by. Their color is well-known to be worn out after a while, and this way, just like leather, the pieces of jewelry get their own character. There is a possibility of refreshing the black rhodium through our goldsmiths in order to get the dark black back.
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