ANNA Pendant SHERLOCK in 925 Sterling Silver with 1 Magnifiying Glas


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The pursuit of happiness. It has not only the ability to make the hidden visible to the naked eye, but also the power to focus the energy of the sun's rays. But this unique magnifying glass is especially suited for a unique piece of jewelry. Made in 925 sterling silver and with the engraving LOYALTY LOVE TRUST HOPE, it helps you to always be on the right track.
Material: 925 Sterling Silver with 1 Magnifiying Glas

Exceptional, mysterious and seductive, our VISION collection radiates. A magic eye in the glittering rose gold light speaks directly to your heart. The products made of 18ct rose gold were manufactured in our own Viennese workshop by finest craftmanship. Eyes represent the mirror of our soul. A proof of love to the aesthetic sense.