ANNA Pendant Set MARIS for BASIC HOOPS in 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls


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MARIS is the perfect add-on for your BASIC HOOPS. Nine shimmering pearls, easy to hook into your earrings. Outstanding, the long rosègold strand, set with one shiny pearl. The elegant simplicity of the basic hoops becomes a new attraction thanks to MARIS complementary look. Also available as pyrites, turquoise beads, and chrysoprase.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with White Pearls

It's about to get colorful, bright, and hot.
A magical summer, full of turquoise beads, pearls and colorful bands. More uniqueness. More alternatives. More individuality and bright surprises. Jewelry as good mood bearers, setting elegant accents through their simplicity. Whether worn as a set or individually, the fine chains and bracelets are perfect for layering, but also feel comfortable on your skin when worn alone. Perfect looks for a classy summer styling.


You have chosen a uniquely beautiful and timeless product. In order for you to enjoy your product for a long time, we suggest the following:

- Protect your pearls from all kinds of cosmetic and chemical products such as deodorants, perfume, hand cream, chlorine, cleaning stuff, etc.
- Pearls should be also protected against excessive heat, such as too much sun exposure, or else they will be- come opaque.
- Pearls should be stored separately from other jewellery, for example in a cloth bag, in order to avoid damages.

We hope you enjoy your pearls!