ANNA Pendant COIN EYE SEE YOU in 18 KT Rose Gold with 1 Grey Diamonds


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Flip a coin and let fate decide for you. The all-seeing eye combined with your lucky charm. The visual organ is the most intense expression of the power of your soul and mind. The look of the eye has healing powers and creates a protective wall: defenses are activated. It embodies brightness, light, clairvoyance and your deepest inner feelings - the mirror of your soul that needs to be taken care of. This symbol reminds you of that.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with 1 Grey Diamonds

Exceptional, mysterious and seductive, our VISION collection radiates. A magic eye in the glittering rose gold light speaks directly to your heart. The products made of 18ct rose gold were manufactured in our own Viennese workshop by finest craftmanship. Eyes represent the mirror of our soul. A proof of love to the aesthetic sense.