ANNA Necklace SEASIDE OCEAN in Grey 38 or 40 cm in 18 KT Rose Gold

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The pearl stands for love and fertility, perfection and purity. The perfect symbol for the union of two people. It is regarded as the sign of the united world and keeps evil away from its wearer. Strung together to form a radiant chain, kings have already adorned themselves with it. Let their energy flow through you, too

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold

Colour of band: Grey

Gleam of the orient.
The white shimmering ball of nacre has a deep meaning in different cultures – wealth, wisdom, and tears. The mystical pearl is an indispensable part of every jewelry collection. ANNA Inspiring Jewelry uses this delicate piece on wristbands, earrings, and necklaces in a fresh and modern way in our SEASIDE collection – a must-have for all jewelry fans.