ANNA Necklace CHELSEA EVE in 925 Sterling Silver palladium rhodinated


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Radiant and timeless yet incredibly hip like no other chain. Chelsea-Eve takes all fashionista hearts by storm and gives every chain layering an incredibly unique and cool look. Chelsea Eve is different to our Chelsea by a sparkling star pendant.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver palladium rhodinated

Total Length: 73 cm

Effortless elegance.
The pure designs from our BASIC collection have an effortless chic air to them. Their simple elegance will match any outfit and can be used as underlying pieces to accentuate other beautiful pieces, especially those ornamented with diamonds.

Silver Care
Silver oxidizes rather rapidly due to the presence of sulfur in the air, which can lead to the tarnishing of silver. Constant contact with cosmetics, sweat and chlorine could promote the tarnishing of silver. Silver can be maintained and preserved with the help of cleaning cloths, silver baths or cleaning pastes so you can enjoy the shininess for a longer time.