ANNA Necklace BREE in Red and 18 KT Rose Gold with Turquoises


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An alternating play of colors between turquoise and red conveys summer feelings. The turquoise color inspires creativity and clarity, while red strengthens the joie de vivre. The combination of both colors gives you powerful energies, enough for you to try something new. A lovingly knotted necklace. One knot, one free wish. This bracelet reminds you of your goals in life and supports you in achieving them.

Material: 18 KT Rose Gold with Turquoises

It's about to get colorful, bright, and hot.
A magical summer, full of turquoise beads, pearls and colorful bands. More uniqueness. More alternatives. More individuality and bright surprises. Jewelry as good mood bearers, setting elegant accents through their simplicity. Whether worn as a set or individually, the fine chains and bracelets are perfect for layering, but also feel comfortable on your skin when worn alone. Perfect looks for a classy summer styling.