ANNA Handbag JOLENE in Suede Leather in Cobalto blue


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Elegant and detailed design. Make a statement with this stylish handbag from ANNA. A carrying strap made of a link chain and a flap to close lend this wonderful example made of the finest Italian leather the finishing touch. The Jolene Bag, available in six different colour combinations, definitely has the potential to become your new favourite bag!

Outer Material: Suede Goatskin
Exterior Color: Cobalto blue
Measurements: 20 x 28 x 12 cm
Lining: Smooth Sheepskin
Lining Color: Glicine blue
Hardware Material: Brass
Hardware Color: Gunmetal
Hardware Finish: Matte

Protect the leather from external environmental influences.
Leather reacts to all elements of nature. Water, grease, heat, light, dryness and high humidity can damage the bag. Do not expose the leather to these extreme influences. In case of contact with water, wipe the liquid off with a soft, lint-free cloth as quickly as possible to avoid water stains. Do not place the bag on the heater, close to the window facade or any other place where it will be exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Maintain the leather properly.
Have the leather of your bag professionally cleaned and do not rely on conventional leather care products that are normally intended for footwear. Give your bag a regular holiday at a SPA - she'll thank you for it.

Avoid accidents.
Pens, make-up, grease and alcohol. All these things can pose a great danger to the bag. Be careful and put risky items in a pouch to protect your bag from any mishaps. Don't expose the bag to too much strain from heavy objects either.

Allow your bag to take a little break.
If the bag is not in use, it should be protected from all influences. Do not place or hang the bag anywhere, but place it in its original packaging where it is stored safely.

If you follow these instructions, your bag will become more and more beautiful over time.

Another important hint:
Never place your bag on the ground. Show your respect because it carries your load. We strongly believe that, if you leave a bag on the floor the good spirits disappear and the money runs away.