ANNA Earstuds CAT in 18 KT Rose Gold with 4 White Pearls


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With our Monday-Bag, you will always be ready and prepared for new adventures.

As big as a hand luggage suitcase, as light as a butterfly. A happy-face that lifts our spirits, brings us through every Monday-blues and also accompanies us through the weekend. Quickly stuff in your gym wear,

pack in groceries for the gourmet dinner after a long day at work or ready at all times for a spontaneous sleepover at your best friend’s or at your boyfriend’s.

Our Monday-Bag made in Vienna out of 100% cotton is your personal do-it-all.

In order to keep her superpowers, your Monday-Bag requires a lot of love and care: If necessary, offer her a spa journey at the laundry.

This product was designed and made in Vienna.
Material: 18 ct. Rose Gold and 4 white Akoya Pearls
Sizes of Akoya pearls: 4,5-5mm and 5-5,5mm / 0.16'' - 0.18'' and 0.20'' - 0.22''

Everything in perfect harmony.
The triangle, ancient symbol for connection, stands for the harmony between body, spirit and soul in the CAT collection. From this harmony, an energy flow results that feeds all our wishes and projects. What we dream of becomes reality.