ANNA Earrings STELLA HOOPS in 18 KT Rose Gold and 18 KT White Gold plated


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Moment of Glory on your ear. It has never been easier to reach for the stars. ANNA makes it possible and brings it from the sky directly on a weightless gold frame in the form of round hoops. In the center of this creation, the stars take on the role of signposts and symbolize infinity.
Material: 18 KT Rose Gold

Nothing shines brighter than the glow of your inner beauty. The pieces of the STARS collection are even more effective. Diamond-studded stars on rings, chains and earrings shine with you and bring even more spark into your life.

Pythagoras developed this geometrical symbol in order to represent perfection. Stars have been viewed as symbols of luck since antiquity. Stars as the source of light and brightness - spiritual awakening. Where in my life am I ready to let my light shine?