ANNA Band Change Wristband with Precious Stones


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Option 1: Replacement for my own band You already have a wristband but want a newer and fresher look? With the purchase of a band change, you can send us your wristband to have the band changed.   Option 2: Gift Card  Our band change gift card makes a great gift idea to give anyone a little bit of joy.    Further information regarding the exact process of a band change can be found on our support page. Note: This band change is only applicable to the Wristbands Kelly, Grace, Lisa, Lara, Monica, Saint Tropez and Rita . For other products, please choose the respective band change.

Choose the length of your new band

Choose the color of your new band

Standard color is included in the price, change to other colors at extra cost.

The costs for a band change in the case of return or exchange cannot be reimbursed (Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal).