ANNA Band Change Wristband Seaside


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Option 1: Replacement for my own band
You already have a wristband but want a newer and fresher look? With the purchase of a band change, you can send us your wristband to have the band changed.
Option 2: Gift Card 
Our band change gift card makes a great gift idea to give anyone a little bit of joy. 
Further information regarding the exact process of a band change can be found on our support page.

Note: This band change is only applicable to the Wristband SEASIDE. For other products, please choose the respective band change.

Caring for Pearls

In order for you to enjoy your product for a long time, we suggest the following: protect your pearls from any cosmetic and chemical products such as deodorants, perfume, hand cream, chlorine, cleaning products, etc.

Pearls should be also protected against excessive heat and exposure to the sun, otherwise they will lose their shine and become matte. They should be stored separately from other jewelry, for example in a cloth bag, in order to avoid any potential damages.

Gleam of the orient

The white shimmering ball of nacre has a deep meaning in different cultures – wealth, wisdom, and tears. The mystical pearl is an indispensable part of every jewelry collection. ANNA Inspiring Jewelry uses this delicate piece on wristbands, earrings, and necklaces in a fresh and modern way in our SEASIDE collection – a must-have for all jewelry fans.

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