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Affair of the heart
Happiness is when the mind dances, the heart breathes and the eyes love. Bring these three together and fill your life with pressure moments and adventures. We warmly welcome our newest ANNA family member: CUTECOWITZ is our newest addition and comes with a herd/pack. Four different colored variations, all with the same super powers. White, blue and two shades of grey taking our hearts by storm. Literally, because winter is testing our tether with wind, rain and freezing temperatures. CUTECOWITZ comes to our rescue. The best weather protection. In case of sudden-needed grocery shopping, we use CUTEKOWITZ, thus protect our environment and put an end to tiresome plastic bags. Produced from Loden, in Austria - Tyrol, the bag provides natural thermoregulation. Translation: Fiber inside absorbs water vapor, fiber surface repels water, but remains dry and warm despite moisture. Our favorite things are not freezing and are in good handles. With charm, spontaneity and CUTEKOWITZ by your side you’re ready for any dates and meetings: Rendez-vous, sports lesson or short weekend trip. You’ll reach your destination with cozy warm things. And once you’ve lost your ability to smile, CUTEKOWITZ lovingly takes over for you.

Material: Loden (100% wool forged) and cotton grosgrain ribbon
Please leave the cleaning of the bag to the professionals!
We advise against washing the bag or drying it in the dryer!