ANNA Bag CUTE 2 TOO in Cotton and Polyester


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A format that pays off: With CUTE 2 you are stylish en route, never alone and have additional storage space for your most important things. Students in particular need a single perfect bag whose size offers enough space for lecture notes, laptops, notepads and folders without the risk of losing an arm. No worries: for all non-students and business people, this newcomer offers all the benefits of a loyal companion — all-purpose, resilient, high quality. CUTE 2 withstands every weight with double-strengthened handles. Tearproof and wearing comfort. The padded interior protects your belongings additionally. A velvety surface and silky lining provide a touch of elegance, which you carry with you through the day. Out of three shades - black, blue and white - choose your favorite. With CUTE 2 you get to know a new, more glamorous life of a student. CUTE 2 like you. You're stronger together. Together til' infinity or simply 2 = 8.