A.I.J Wristband PORTE CHANCE in 925 Sterling Silver

A.I.J Wristband PORTE CHANCE in 925 Sterling Silver

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ANNA INSPIRING JEWELLERY stands for innovative, young, and dynamic jewellery design. From classic forms to unusual creations, AIJ offers a broad range of jewellery, ensuring that there is something for everyone. AIJ's products are always of the highest quality and impress with their modern elegance.

Wristband Length: 22cm / 8.6'' (adjustable)
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Size: 8 x 7mm / 0.32" x 0.28"

This bracelet is also available in other colors! Just click the product "Band Change" on the left and choose your preferred color.

Symbol Explanation
Luck Knot
The luck knot symbolizes the wish that the wearer has when he/she puts on the Wristband. If this knot falls off one day, the wish will come true. The knot will help to preserve the belief in in the wish.

Price: $ 50.00
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Band Change
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