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ANNA Necklace HEART Outline in 18 ct. Rose Gold, 27mm

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Necklace Length: 42cm / 16.5'' (adjustable) 
Material: 18 ct. Rose Gold with 102 White Diamonds 0.2 ct. Full Cut 
Pendant Size: 27mm / 1.1"

Symbol Explanation 
The symbol of love draws its form from the ivy leaf. Ivy is a very long-living plant, and thus, the heart stands for eternal love. Besides love, the heart also symbolizes life, kindness and stands for ideals. 

The universal symbol of love beautifies any piece of jewellery, giving the wearer a romantic and harmonic aura. Either as a subtle outline, or gemmed and filled with real diamonds, the heart can be worn in a number of ways.

Price: $ 1,700.00
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