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ANNA Earrings LUCKY CROSSES in 18 ct. Rose Gold

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Material: 18 ct. Rose Gold (Earrings) and 925 Sterling Silver (Crosses)
Pendant Size: 14 x 9mm / 0.56" x 0.36"

Symbol Explanation
A cross symbolizes all the points of the compass, and thus the paths that people walk in their lives. The elements water, air, fire and earth, the roots of all existing matter, are also an integral part of the symbolism of the cross. It is therefore no surprise that this symbol is so significant within various religions. What is its significance for me?

The ANNA Inspiring Jewellery Cross Collection interprets the important symbol of the cross on delicate pieces of jewellery and precious material, and accompanies the wearer on their journeys.

Price: $ 240.00
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