ANNA Earrings DONUT 13 mm in 18 KT White Gold with 276 White Diamonds 0.58 ct.


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Something special and sparkling hits the center of the heart: Our donut earrings make every evening shine with new glances and give a simple look that extra certain something. The hoop shape gives great room for playfulness. As a superstar, which can be used in different ways, they ensure dazzling nights and bright days.

Material: 18 kt. White Gold with 276 White Diamonds 0.58 ct.
Earring Size: 13mm / 0.52" (diameter)

Graceful completion.
ANNA Inspiring Jewellery’s Donut collection is perfect for the moments when one’s jewellery should be a little conspicuous and exquisite. Gemmed on all sides with precious diamonds, the rings, earrings and pendant from this collection are guaranteed eye catchers, no matter the viewer’s perspective.